Time-tracking software for the modern law firm.

Effortless timekeeping for accurate legal billing.

Clio’s intuitive timekeeping lets you track all of the time you spend on a case. Start a timer on your phone, tablet, or computer and capture time as you work—or record bulk entries at the end of the day. You can also create time entries directly from calendar entries, tasks, and documents. With Clio, your time entries are linked to your matters so that you can keep them organized and generate bills quickly.

Bill your way.

Billing is complex and so are billing models. Whether you bill by the hour or charge flat fees, or even if the case calls for contingency billing, you can track your billables accurately with Clio.

A legal app that’s truly mobile.

Built for iPhones, Android smartphones, iPads, tablets, and web browsers on Macs and PCs, Clio lets you practice from anywhere. Use the mobile app to manage your calendar and track time on the go—and say farewell to the timesheet.

iOS 6.0+
Android 4.0+

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