A mobile app for lawyers on the go.

Some firms run on Apple. Others on Android. Clio’s on both.

Maybe you use an iPhone. Maybe it’s an Android. Perhaps you like bringing your iPad or tablet with you to meetings to keep updated—because let’s face it, you no longer have to be on a computer to do work. That’s the beauty of technology. And the beauty of Clio is that you can get all of its practice management features on a wide range of popular mobile devices.

iOS 6.0+
Android 4.0+

Full Functionality without a full desktop setup.

When you log onto the Clio Android app, you can look up your appointments and deadlines, upload documents, track your time and expenses, and do everything you need to do to manage your practice on the road. When it comes to iPad and iPhone apps for lawyers, you don’t get fuller functionality in one app than you do with Clio.

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