Legal billing software that gives you beautiful, customizable invoices.

Get paid faster with Clio.

Generating a bill with Clio is quick and easy, and so is receiving payment. Stay on top of your receivables by making it easy for your clients to pay on-time with our built-in early payment discounts and interest calculations on late payments. Clio lets you receive online and credit card payments using services such as Paypal and LawPay.

Impress your clients with professionally designed invoices.

Use Clio to create invoices that display your logo and reflect your firm’s unique brand. Easy to read with a professional look and design, you can edit almost every part of the invoice to offer your clients accountability and transparency.

Generate a bill in minutes.

Short on time? Generate an invoice on the fly. With Clio’s Quick Bill feature, you can create a bill, link it to a new matter, and add time and expense entries—all on one screen.

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