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The Clio Marketplace allows you to add additional functionality to your Clio account in collaboration with other popular legal apps.

Powerful legal technology, with a little help from our friends.

For all of Clio’s Boutique and Elite plan customers, Zapier makes it easy to connect Clio to hundreds of web services. Save time and improve productivity by automating tedious tasks so that you don’t have to do them one by one every time.

Court calendaring made easy.

As a lawyer, there are a lot of dates to keep track of. In addition to meetings, there are also key dates by which you must complete certain tasks, as required by courts. With our Court Rules integration for Elite plan subscribers, you’ll no longer have to research these dates or manually count days until the deadline—Clio will do it for you.

Customized Solutions.

Every law firm is unique. That’s why we’ve designed the app so that our Boutique and Elite plan customers can customize their Clio experience. Need to connect Clio to proprietary firm software? No problem! We’re also happy to introduce you to a Clio Certified Consultant.

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A paperless deposition solution that enables attorneys to manage the entire deposition process by replacing stacks of printed document exhibits with a tablet device.


A popular document management application, Box balances ease of use with a high level of security so that you can quickly upload, store, and share documents on the go.


Chrometa captures every minute of your day for you (without you having to start and stop a timer, or remembering to enter it into Clio). From computer-based time like email and web research, to smartphone calls, it's all captured passively for you with Chrometa's time trackers for Windows, Mac, and Android.

Click to File Timer

Work on your computer without worrying about tracking every minute of your time. Just enter your time at the end of the day directly into Clio.

Click to File for Outlook/Mac Mail

An Outlook/Mac-Mail add-in that allows you to effortlessly file all of your emails with Clio based on their matter number—in just two mouse clicks.


A virtual law firm platform that turns your website into an interactive, online law practice.


A comprehensive brand protection system that lets attorneys monitor their clients’ trademarks, names and brands online. DomainSkate also provides an interactive dashboard and custom reports identifying suspect activity with links to websites, registration information, and updates. The first brand or mark you wish to protect is free.


One of the most popular document storage applications, Dropbox lets you upload and share files with your clients from anywhere.


Colorado Family Law firms and their clients can collaborate online from any device to easily generate Colorado’s Sworn Financial Statement, Child Support Worksheet, and Spousal Maintenance Worksheet. They can also perform specialized calculations and generate reports only found in 123 such as a Child Support Scenario Comparison Report.


The leading next-generation legal research service that puts a comprehensive national law library and smarter and more powerful searching, sorting, and visualization tools at your fingertips.


Automatically logs all incoming and outgoing call data, captures the user’s call notes, and exports this information in real-time to Clio into a contact's communication tab with the option to associate the call to a matter.


Convert more web visitors and initial consults to clients by making the best possible first impression. Intake123’s design-your-own drag-and-drop online form designer (with thousands of Standard Questions, Section Templates, and Form Templates for dozens of practice areas) eliminates the need for custom programming to make and update online intake forms


InvoiceSherpa is the fastest way to automate your accounts receivable and collect on your outstanding invoices.


JurisPage provides professional, mobile-ready law firm websites fully integrated with Clio. A JurisPage-powered website streamlines your lead generation and collection process by automatically creating new client contacts in Clio from your contact form submissions.


Lawdingo pre-screens clients for seriousness, and for accurate practice area and jurisdiction classification so that you only get clients well suited to your practice. Get paid $30 for 10-20 minute advice calls, or bill clients your normal rates for legal services. Use coupon code cliopromo for a 50% off your first THREE months.


Lexicata is the only cloud-based CRM and client intake system designed exclusively for small law firms. It brings each step of the client intake process online to reduce data entry and increase efficiency.

My Legal Briefcase

A small claims document and scheduling system that provide clients with a streamlined solution for their legal practices. Through My Legal Briefcase, clients will have access to court forms and documents as well as features that will allow them to set up new case files in My Legal Briefcase and link them to their Clio account.


Plainlegal automates administrative and repetitive work for IP professionals, streamlining client intake and automatically generating USPTO filings, dockets trademarks, copyrights, and patents.


Automatically remind clients about upcoming appointments via SMS text message, automated phone call, and email. Send appointment confirmation emails before appointments and follow up emails after.

Quickbooks Online

Create estimates and invoices, pay employees, file taxes, and more. Because Quickbooks Online is cloud-based, all you need is your smartphone and Internet access.


RightSignature is the easiest, fastest way to get documents signed. Engagement Agreements, New Client Forms, you name it. They can be all completed online with legally-binding electronic signatures.


Smokeball provides a complete email and document management system, form automation tool, and form library integrated with Clio. Small law firms build a powerful database of client and matter information in Smokeball to quickly populate emails and documents, and keep their matters organized.


Traklight’s self-guided questionnaire creates custom intellectual property strategies for entrepreneurs and small businesses as well as an automated snapshot of business and IP needs for attorneys.


Imagine a place where time leakage is at a minimum, invoice collection increases in speed, and unnecessary write-offs quickly diminish. Viewabill creates this environment and strengthens your attorney-client relationships with a technology that showcases your firm's value, efficiency, and careful attention to detail.


Xero is online accounting software for small businesses that includes features like real-time financial reporting, bank reconciliation, and invoicing.


Zapier makes it easy for non-developers to connect Clio to hundreds of web services, saving time and improving productivity by automating tedious tasks.

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