Does your case management software come with a law library?

Clio is the only legal software that seamlessly integrates with Fastcase.

Clio puts a leading legal research tool at your fingertips. Voted the most popular mobile app for lawyers two years running, according to the American Bar Association, Fastcase places an extensive national law library at your fingertips. It includes cases and primary law for all 50 states and comprehensive federal coverage.

Law software that revolutionizes research.

Search, sort, and visualize cases and data instantly on Fastcase. Import Fastcase search results into Clio and save them directly to the relevant matter. Clio and Fastcase are linked up so that you can start a timer for your research session in Fastcase and have the activity recorded in Clio.

Track every second of your legal research.

Track the time you spend researching without navigating away from the task at hand. This means more billable time and less administrative work. More accurate invoices and fewer hours left untracked. With this exclusive integration, bring newfound predictability and accountability into your practice’s legal research.

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